Dura Step Direct Mount Boat Trailer Step

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Dura-Step Direct Mount Boat Trailer Step, made in the USA of durable weather-resistant composite material, is designed to provide years of reliable service. All hardware is high quality stainless steel. Dura-Step gives you a generous 16" x 7" non-slip platform. The platform has a 300 lb. load capacity. 

Dura-Step Direct Mount step is compatible with all boat trailer frames 2", 3", or 4" tall. This step comes with stainless steel hardware for frames up to 4" tall. Please note: IF YOUR BOAT TRAILER FRAME IS TALLER THAN 4", longer bolts will be required. For example, a 5" tall frame will require 7" bolts. Just bolt Dura-Step on your boat trailer frame in any place you choose using the supplied hardware and back plate and your Dura-Step is then ready for use. 
Dura-Step Direct Mount Boat Trailer Step is much safer than standing on a wet, slick trailer frame when launching and loading your boat.  Stay safe, load and launch with Dura-Step Direct Mount Boat Trailer Step.
Please note:  product photos show the Dura-Step Direct Mount step in several configurations for illustration only.  One photo shows two direct mount steps mounted together, giving you a double-sized platform.  One photo shows one direct mount step and one Dura-Step Hitch Step used with a Versa-Mount I attachment.  All these items are available for purchase here separately.

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